PR Apr 2, 2020
PR Mar 26, 2020
PR Mar 24, 2020
PR Mar 20, 2020
PR Mar 19, 2020
PR Mar 18, 2020
PR Mar 2, 2020
PR Feb 7, 2020
PR Jan 13, 2020
PR Nov 26. 2019
PR Nov 25, 2019
PR Oct 1, 2019
LineaRx’s iCTC Platform for Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells Shows Superior Correlation over PSA as a Biomarker in Prostate Cancer Trial
PR Sept 19, 2019
LineaRx and Takis/Evvivax Anti-Canceer Candidates Demonstrate Tumor Reduction
PR Aug 12, 2019
Medicare Coverage of CAR T-Cell Therapy Holds Positive Implications for LineaRx
PR Aug 8, 2019
LineaRx Acquires Assets and Intellectual Property of Vitatex
PR Jul 1, 2019
LineaRx Receives Multiple Purchase Orders for Linear DNA for Use in Therapeutic Development
PR Jun 26, 2019
PR May 21, 2019
LineaRx Anticipates Expansion in Diagnostics Market via Follow-on Order and New Linear DNA Amplicons for Additional Assays
PR Apr 29, 2019
LineaRx Achieves Higher Expression and Survival Rates in Human T Cells Transfected Non-Virally with Linear DNA
PR Apr 8, 2019
Applied DNA Subsidiary LineaRx Achieves Biotech Industry First with Anti-CD19 Expression in Human CAR T Cells via Proprietary Non-Viral, Plasmid-Free Platform
PR Mar 1, 2019
Applied DNA Subsidiary LineaRx and Takis/Evvivax Progress Linear DNA for Use as Cancer Vaccine Candidates
PR Dec 4, 2018
LineaRx to Hold Analyst Day Webinar to Announce DNA Vaccine Preclinical Data and Efficacy of In-Licensed CAR T Therapy
PR Nov 7, 2018
Applied DNA Subsidiary LineaRx Provides Cost and Quality Advantages to Technogenetics Diagnostic Solutions
PR Oct 16, 2018
Applied DNA Subsidiary LineaRx Licenses CAR T Drug Candidate and Initiates Pre-Clinical Development of Non-viral, Plasmid-free CAR T Manufacturing Platform
PR Oct 1, 2018
LineaRx Secures New RNA Therapeutics Customers for Contract Research Services
PR Sep 20, 2018
Applied DNA Subsidiary, LineaRx, Inc. Signs Joint Development Agreement with Takis and Evvivax to Develop Linear-DNA Based Anti-Cancer Vaccines
PR Sep 18, 2018
Applied DNA Forms Wholly Owned Subsidiary, LineaRx, to Develop Large-Scale, PCR-Produced DNA for Biotherapeutics
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