PCR-produced linear DNA

the pure, fast and flexible alternative to plasmids

our technology

LineaRx provides large-scale production of DNA sequences using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Scaling PCR for high volume delivers highly purified DNA, without the complications of plasmids, for use in cell therapies, vaccines, diagnostics and gene therapies. We can meet CRO and CMO needs with linear DNA at any scale.

In the past 12 months, LineaRx has shipped over 8,000 milligrams of PCR-produced linear DNA for use in Diagnostic and Therapeutic applications. The Company has completed, or is progressing through, key milestones of a growing number of therapeutics research contracts for companies producing DNA and RNA vaccines and adoptive cell therapies.


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Continuous-flow, large-scale production of custom gene amplicons
Production of gram quantities including derivatized DNA
Large amplicons
Custom robotics available
cGMP underway


No bacterial plasmid contaminants

Supports cancer therapy closer to point of care
Rapid, high-purity, adaptable, innovative constructs
Vector-to-linear DNA hyperexpression systems


Partnering available
Antibody production 
CAR T cells

Antisense RNA and siRNA
DNA and RNA Vaccine Production
Engineering of lymphocytes, gene therapy constructs and stem cells
Biomarker-driven cancer gene identification to screen out epitopes

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